We operate a transparent ‘fee per item’ service where there are no monthly fees or tie ins.

After your initial consultation you will be given a written treatment plan with all the costs involved.

You can find a guide to our fees below.

Routine Treatment

Full New Patient Examination including Radiographs and Clinical Photographs necessary and case assessment £75

Routine Examination after 6 months £25

Routine Scale & Polish £30

Radiograph £7.50 each

Composite [White] Filling between £78 – £127

Amalgam [Silver] Filling between £58 – £107

Extraction between £68 – £281

Sedation for nervous patients £150

Crown and Bridge

Crowns from £548

Veneer per unit £598

Zirconia Crowns from £598


Acrylic Denture from £406

Chrome Denture from £780

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Boutique Bleaching Home Kits including Custom Trays £295

In Chair Zoom! Bleaching £600

Implant Treatment

Implant Consultation – Complimentary

Implant Placement from £1100

Implant Crown from £1100

Implant Bridge from £3300 for 3 teeth

Sedation £150

Emergency Treatment

Consultation & Diagnosis £25

Radiograph £7.50 each

Temporary Filling £68

Recement Crown/ Bridge £25

Extraction £150

Orthodontic Treatment

QST [Quick Straight Teeth] from £999

Invisalign ‘Light’ £2800

Invisalign ‘Full’ £3500

Single Arch Invisalign treatment is cheaper and POA

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